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  1. How do you achieve such fine white lines like the structures in the glass and the lace (Referring to the maid pic on the side)?
  2. Which artist/mangaka took the deepest impression on your artistic development?
  3. How do you usually form ideas for your artworks/OC? Do they just pop out of nowhere or are they the result of a certain process?
  4. Which colors do you use? Which of those are your favs?
  5. What kind of paper do you use with copics?
  6. Which artist/mangaka/anime inspired you to draw in your childhood?
  7. Which pens do you use for scribbles?
  8. Which markers do you use for the skin?
  9. Which tools do you use to colorize your artworks?
  10. Which tools do you use for your Lineart?

Q#1: How do you achieve such fine white lines like the structures in the glass and the lace (Referring to the maid pic on the side)?

I used a G-Pen feather from Deleter in combination with Dr. Ph. Martin's Pen White in white (which I totally recommend ... worth every cent

Q#2: Which artist/mangaka took the deepest impression on your artistic development?

Okay, that is a tough one. I think there were several artist that accompanied and influenced me on my way as an artist. Although she did not have an impact on my style itself, my mum influenced me a lot as she made a living from being an artist as well when I was small. Unfortunately she is not active anymore. The first mangaka, who came to my mind when I thought about the question, was Takeshi Obata whose work really amaze me. Ever since deviantArt was introduced to me I find myself adding new amazing artist to my watch list nearly every day. Whenever I get confronted with an art blog I just look at pieces of other artists which really helps me to refresh my mind and creativity.

Other artists apart from fellow deviants I really like are Tukiji Nao, Hyung Tae Kyung and Benjamin.

Q#3: How do you usually form ideas for your artworks/OC? Do they just pop out of nowhere or are they the result of a certain process?

It depends. Normally I just start scribbling and some concepts and ideas come to my mind. Sometimes other drawings or themes inspire me ... there isn't a certain scheme behind it. Concerning OCs it is different. I tend to have a concept beforehand, think about how I could illustrate and transfer it and then I start to shape it. For me it is really important that the overall concept of a OC is unique in certain aspects and coherent.

Frage #4: Welche Farben benutzt du? Welche sind deine Favoriten?

I've uploaded my color chart to give you an overview. My fav colors are marked with the ♥

Q#5: What kind of paper do you use with copics?

Finally a question which is simple to answer :) I recently discovered a new (at least to me xD) brand of paper which I really love. It is called "comic book paper type B" and is by Deleter. The paper has a really high quality and I prefer the heavier grammage.

Q#6: Which artist/mangaka/anime inspired you to draw in your childhood?

Es fing damal alles mit Sailor Moon und Pokémon an :D Mein liebster Mangaka ist Takeshi Obata.

Q#7: Which pens do you use for scribbles?

Besides a mechanical pencil (0.3) I love to use the Pilot Color Eno series ... only the yellow one is missing in my collection because I cannot really figure out if I would use it :"D Sometimes I use a random biro as well.

Q#8: Which markers do you use for the skin?

I do not use the same markers for the skin every time. Atm I would list E0000, E00, E01, E30, E70, V0000, V91, V93, V95, BV0000 and R30.

Q#9: Which tools do you use to colorize your artworks?

I mainly use copic markers and colored pencils. Sometimes I switch to watercolor as well.

Q#10: Which tools do you use to for your Lineart?

It depends on the look I want to achieve. I really like to use (colored) ink(colored ones by Ecoline, Black2 by Deleter) but sometimes it doesn't work out because of the artwork's size. My mainly used tools are Multiliners by Copic and Neopiko. The thinner the better xD I rarely use ballpoints as well. For a softer look which blends with the coloration I use colored pencils or just a regular pencil. The brands vary quite a bit, but I'd suggest not to use a pencil which is too soft because it might smear and create a mess.