Tutorial: Mixed Media Coloration /w Copics and watercolor

In the following I am going to show you my new coloring technique. It features a mixture of markers and watercolor, but you can use colored pencils as well as a substitution for the latter.

For this one I used paper by Hahnemühle which is called Bamboo Mixed Media. It works fine, but I discovered that the Arches Grain Satiné works even better for me :) It is more expensive though.

As for the markers I only used B24 Sky and B12 Ice Blue. In addition to that you'll need white and a blueish purple watercolor pan/tube. My brand of choice for this task is Shinhan. I used Chinese White and  Permanent Violet(shown in the photo ... the dark violet hue in the middle).

Have fun :) I hope it works for you as well ♥
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Step 1

  • Grab your markers first and choose the one you would like to use for the shadows
  • in this case I used B24 Sky
  • Begin to draw in the shadows and don't mind sharp edges as you want to smooth some of them out later

Step 2

  • Grab the lighter color - I chose B12 Ice Blue this time - and begin to blend some of the shadows to smooth them
  • remember not to smooth all of them as we want to keep some hard edges and maintain the balance

Step 3

  • fill in the empty space with B12/the lighter color

Step 4

  • intensify some of the shadows by going over them once again with B24/the darker color

Step 5

  • grab your brush and watercolors now
  • choose the blueish purple tone first and define/deepen some parts to give more depth
  • choosing a shadow color which has a slightly different hue makes the color scheme more vivid

Step 6

  • take your white now and add highlights
  • always keep in mind while drawing/coloring that all thing have three dimensions 
  • light and shadows are based on logic so if you get to know materials and their features you will learn to color a lot of things 

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    TUMTUM (Dienstag, 21 Oktober 2014 20:33)

    Deine Illustrationen sind sehr schön, ich liebe die Colorationen und du bist sehr geübt, hast einen sehr schönen Stil und machst dir sehr viel Mühe fürs Detail. Und ich liebe deine Bilder einfach, ich versuche es auch mal, vielleicht werde ich besser <3